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Oceanrich S2 Mini Master Rotating Coffee Maker (S2 Red With Wood)

  • Brand: Oceanrich
  • Product Code: AH-0314-CA-RW
  • Availability: Out Of Stock


Oceanrich S2 Mini Master Rotating Coffee Maker (S2 Red With Wood)

Oceanrich S2 Mini Master Rotating Coffee Maker imitating hand brewing coffee, using 304 stainless filter, through accurate calculation of water powder ratio, brewing time and water injection flow rate.

Portable design, easy to carry, provide you with a good cup of coffee at all times.

Special Features:

  • The ratio of powder to water is about 1:15, which meets the "Gold Cup" Standard.
  • The water temperature is about 90-96℃, In order to maintain the water temperature, the upper Tritan water tank has a double-layer insulation structure. When the hot water is poured into the coffee powder, it can still be kept above 90 degrees.
  • The brewing time is about 120 seconds-through three turns per minute, 360-degree vertical rotation of the water injection, the stable flow rate is to avoid excessive extraction.
  • The way of water injection stability determines the smoothness. In order to allow the hot water to fully extract the coffee powder, two injection holes with a diameter of 1.2mm/1.0mm are designed at the bottom of the water tank to ensure complete release of taste and aroma.


The thickness of the coffee powder is the key to using a portable rotary extraction coffee machine. If you are buying commercially available packaged coffee powder, please choose "drip filter", "hand-pushed", "medium-fine grinding" coffee powder; if you are buying your favorite coffee in a specialty store For coffee beans, please use the "hand-pushed" grinding thickness. Coffee powder that is too coarse will make the soaking time too short and lighten the taste; coffee powder that is too fine will make the soaking time too long and the taste will be strong and bitter.

1. Put a spoonful of coffee powder in the coffee filter cup, pat it flat, and fasten the coffee filter cup

2. Put the water tank on the rotating rack and place on a coffee cup (diameter 65-95mm)

3. Turn on the rotary switch, pour boiling hot water into the water tank to the MAX line, and then close the water tank cover

4. After about 120 seconds of dripping, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee

Product Specifications:

  • Power: DC3V AAA Battery x2 (Not Included Battery)
  • Dimensions: L 11.9 x W 10.1 x H 12 cm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg


  • Hong Kong Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Product Details
Color Red With Wood
Dimensions L 11.9 x W 10.1 x H 12 cm
Weight 0.2 kg

Tags: Oceanrich S2 Mini Master Rotating Coffee Maker (S2 Red With Wood), Oceanrich S2 仿手沖旋轉咖啡機 (S2 紅色配木)