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Marcato Pasta Machine - Accessories Compatible (Atlas 150 Design Silver)

  • Brand: Marcato
  • Product Code: AH-0213-CK-SI
  • Availability: In Stock



Marcato Pasta Machine - Accessories Compatible (Atlas 150 Design Silver)

Atlas pasta machine is based on the design concept of a three-in-one machine. The first stage can be kneaded to catch noodles, the second stage can be lasagna, and the third stage can be used to cut fine noodles. The operation is easy and simple.

This machine is equipped with a slicer that can cut rough surface (width 6.5mm) and fine surface (width 1.5mm), and a total of ten paragraph (0~9) dough thickness adjustment design.

The maximum thickness of noodles is 0.6 cm, and the thinnest is 0.06 cm. It can be adjusted according to your personal needs.

The thickness and function of the ten function buttons are as follows:

  • 0: 4.8mm or more, suitable for the skin
  • No. 1~3: 4.8mm~2.5mm suitable for thick noodles
  • 4: 2.5mm~1.9mm, suitable for making wrapper
  • 5: 1.9mm~1.5mm, suitable for making dumplings, dumplings, thin noodles
  • No. 6: 1.5mm~1.2mm, suitable for making egg noodles
  • 7 ~ 9: 1.2mm ~ 0.6mm, suitable for making suede, egg cake skin


  • Do not use water after cleaning the machine, just use a dry cloth to wipe the flour adhered to the body.
  • During each use, first squash the dough, lightly spread the flour, and adjust the required thickness from the 0th segment to avoid failures.
  • There is oil layer protection on the machine table. When using it for the first time, please use a skin rod to absorb the surface oil layer and discard it.
Product Details
Color Silver
Dimensions L 20 x W 20 x H 15 cm
Weight 1.4 kg

Tags: Marcato Pasta Machine - Accessories Compatible (Atlas 150 Design Silver), Marcato 手動壓麵製麵機 - 可更換配件 (Atlas 150 Design 銀色)