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Croquade Belgian Chocolate Temperer Set (CHEU0001 Black)

    Croquade Belgian Chocolate Temperer with Complete Set of Essential Kit CHEU0001 Easy and complete equipment to prepare chocolates at home. Everything is included to make your home chocolate workshops with your loved ones a success on the very first try. Cooking your own chocolate..


Croquade Belgian Waffle Maker (WA102A)

    Croquade Belgian Waffle Maker WA102A A fixture in Belgian kitchens since 1958, the Croquade waffle maker allows you to make not only the classic Brussels and Liege waffles but also wafers, filled waffles, ice cream cones, grilled sandwiches and toast thanks to its interchangeable..


Croquade Double Tank Electric Fryer (1998)

    1998 Economical and Multiple The 1998 double fryer is just the job for a full house. Whether for members of a large family or a group of friends, it suddenly becomes a pleasure to have all those hungry mouths to feed. Enough for everyone! MAIN FEATURES: Cool zone for healthie..


Croquade Single Tank Electric Fryer (1948)

    1948 Spacious and Speedy Especially adapted for large families, the 1948 fryer has a 4.5 litre capacity. With its 3200 watts, it is the perfect solution for a hungry band of children, and adults, in a hurry. MAIN FEATURES: Cool zone for healthier cooking and lower oil consump..


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